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The DVSA pedigree of
GB MOT Training

GB MOT Training is owned and managed by Graham Williams, 33 years as a Senior Manager in VOSA and former head of VOSA training, so the best quality training and expert knowledge is assured.

He has been training MOT Testers for over 40 years and has trained hundreds of DVSA/VOSA Examiners in MOT and other subjects.

Here are just a few of his achievements in 33 years as a Senior Manager in VOSA:

  • He managed and designed training for the MOT and transport industries.
  • He conceived, designed and produced the VOSA videos.
  • He conceived, designed and managed the MOT seminars.
  • He has trained hundreds of DVSA/VOSA Examiners in MOT subjects.

An internationally recognised expert on Vehicle Testing, he has advised and assisted numerous overseas governments with their Testing Schemes and has written Testing Manuals for a number of countries.

Years Experience

We have been providing inspection training for MOT Stations and other sectors of the industry and around the world for many years.

All our training is delivered by ex-DVSA/VOSA training staff. These are not just former local examiners, but senior staff from the MOT Policy, Enforcement and Training Departments.

We know exactly how DVSA think!

Our training team, all ex-DVSA senior staff includes the following:

  • The former Head of VOSA Training
  • The writer of the MOT Inspection Manual
  • The DVSA technical officer who dealt with MOT Complaints and Appeals
  • Former DVSA Senior Trainers
  • A former DVSA Senior Examiner, responsible for the Examiners in a whole region

We deliver MOT training all over England and Wales

We have advertised courses on set dates that individuals can book on or we offer our training at your premises

0330 400 4163


0330 400 4163