Our Test Quality Information (TQI) service is designed to provide the busy Service Manager or Testing Station owner with the accurate information on MOT standards in a simple format that he/she needs. It saves a lot of work and produces crucial information in an easy to see and understand format. We have already have a large number of customers subscribed to this service and their feedback has been extremely positive.



The report contains:

  • Discrepancies identified and highlighted on failure rates and test times.
  • Graphs of performance over a rolling 12 month period for all test categories. (DVSA only give you 3 months information and it is not in graphical form. Our graphs give you the leverage to show DVSA more accurately how you are performing)
  • Average test times and overall failure rates for each tester over the same period.
  • The average test times and overall failure rates of each tester compared to national averages overall and in each test category over a the last three months.
  • Shows the IP addresses used, so that you can trace any suspect activities
  • Highlights any full tests that were conducted in less than 25 minutes in the previous month.
  • Highlights any tests that took more than 2 hours to complete in the previous month.
  • A list of any tests that were conducted out of normal testing hours in the month.
  • A section where you should enter the details of what (if any) necessary remedial action is done and when.
  • The report will provide a summary of the issues for that month.
  • A summary of potential issues that should be addressed for each tester.

The reports can be printed and filed, so that they can be shown to the DVSA Examiners when they visit your VTS.

The report is compliant with DVSA requirements. VEs have seen our reports at MOT stations and have expressed their pleasure with them.

The reports are a major factor in ensuring that your testers are fully compliant and their standards and procedures are correct. It will result in a smooth operation for your MOT station and minimise the risk of future problems.

You will receive a detailed report every month on the performance of your station and your testers based on the previous month and past 12 months.


The cost is only £8 per tester per month.  This is paid on an annual subscription.

However, you now try the service for free for 3 months. You will receive full reports for three months. This way, you will see just how valuable the service is. This is now available to you for a no-obligation 3 month free trial. YOU HAVE NOTHING TO LOSE

Just call the office on 0330 400 4163 and they will start the ball rolling for you.


TQI is now extremely important. DVSA now expect you to monitor the quality of your testers by using your TQI.

When DVSA Examiners prepare to visit a site, they examines the site’s TQI. They study the information and prepare questions arising it. Making proper use of the TQI prepares the AE to be able to answer the VE’s questions with confidence and accuracy.

You must recognise exceptions and investigate these. You must identify the reasons for any significant deviations from the national failure rate or test duration and take any necessary action.  If you are sure that all your standards and procedures are definitely correct, you need to show that it has been investigated thoroughly and produce evidence to show that you have properly established that the correct standards and procedure are being applied.

There may be a good reason for a variance, but every possible cause must be explored before you can satisfy DVSA that this is the case.  You may even be surprised that the tester perhaps isn’t as knowledgeable as he/she thinks.

It’s no good just telling the VE that you have looked at the TQI on the MOT system. It all needs to be documented to show that you are doing this properly and taking it seriously.  DVSA will consider it is a sign of good management of an MOT Station to see these reports. If it is done properly, it will lead to a reduction in your risk rating and contribute to a Green RAG rating for the VTS and the tester. (We cannot guarantee this latter, as any past disciplinary record of the VTS and tester is a major factor in the RAG rating.)

Analysing the basic data that DVSA provide is a time-consuming exercise, particularly when a VTS has a number of testers. Also.  Our system saves all that work.

DVSA now expect you to not only look at your Test Quality Information (TQI), but identify issues and take appropriate action arising from it.  Where there is a variance between the tester’s fail rate and the national average, the MOT Station is obliged to recognise and investigate it. They must apply whatever appropriate remedial action is necessary.

This must all be recorded as evidence for DVSA to see that the station is meeting its obligation and managing the quality of testing at that site.

The Test Logs also contain information to assist with managing the station.
TQI reports and Test Logs from the MOT Site are complicated and need a lot of time spent studying and analysing them to identify issues.

You can print off each report, annotate it with the action taken and then file id, ready for inspection by DVSA.

It is not only a good way of complying and providing evidence of compliance, it saves the manager a great deal of work. You do not have to read the DVSA reports carefully to try to identify any patterns or odd activity. Our report provides the highlights and issues that need attention in a summary, using graphs and tables.

If you don’t use your TQI properly and document it correctly, you will be marked as unsatisfactory on a DVSA Site visit.

Our TQI reporting service meets the DVSA requirements.

Unsatisfactory Site visit report

Below is an extract from an actual report following a site visit.


The cost is only £8 per tester per month
plus VAT. (paid annually)
Just call the office on 0330 400 4163
and they will start the ball rolling for you.


If you are a sole tester, then subscribing to our TQI Reporting service means that you don’t have to have bi-monthly QC checks, as our system satisfies the DVSA requirements.



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